Top 8 Remote jobs

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First of all, which area has the most demand? What requirements and skills do I have to have? Where do I look? Will all offers be credible and profitable?

In the last article, we discussed remote employment as an alternative to “normal” jobs, we talked about the different types (freelancing and remote work), the advantages and disadvantages and who is best suited for this type of work.

In general, the areas with the most demand are customer support, information technology, marketing, and human resources. Concretely, the jobs where it is easier to get a remote position are:

  1. Writer
  2. Consultant
  3. Client support
  4. Sales representative
  5. Engineer / Architect
  6. A translator
  7. Computer programmer
  8. System Analyst
  9. Graphic designer
  10. Web designer
  11. Photographer and Photo Editor
  12. Language teacher
  13. Interpreter
  14. Travel agent
  15. Insurance agent
  16. Analyst
  17. Social Networking Manager
  18. Digital Marketing Assistant
  19. Content Creation
  20. Digital Influencer

And now? Does it still make sense to you? Keep reading.

Remember that there are endless opportunities and since this will be the future trend, there will be more and more remote jobs. The important thing is to know where to fit in, know how to adapt, to evolve, to study and never to be left behind! Even if you do not identify with any of the above-mentioned jobs, you need to keep an open mind and fight for what you really want.

But be aware that not all the work from home job offers we find are credible, many which we see in ads on Facebook, are no more than direct sales or catalogs, or worse, pyramid schemes that require investments. You will also come across many small jobs where the employer is also paying a few cents!

Top 8 Remote jobs

So, now you know what to be aware of, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are the top 8 remote jobs that I know about :

1-Company: Apple – Role: Customer Support. 

2- Company: Time etc -Role: Virtual Assistant

3-Company: Born Again Media – Role: Game Critic

4- Company: Hopper – Role: Travel support agent

5-Company: Problogger – Role: Various Jobs related to writing

6- Company: Appen – Role: Social network evaluator (Facebook and Instagram)

7- Company: Say ABC –  Role: English Teacher 

8- Company: italki – Role: Teach your native language 

These are the Top 8 Remote Jobs which I have found from my experience and from feedback of people I know.  But there are more, so much more!

In the next post, I will outline the best options for freelancing and for those who want to earn extra money with only 1 or 2 hours of online work a day. I’ll also tell you what skills to acquire and let you in on the best FREE online courses that are available to budding online digital marketers.

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